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1. Introduction


SC Z Tour SRL has adopted this Policy on the use of cookies, which together with the Privacy Policy of SC Z Tour SRL creates the framework for the proper functioning and use of the website from the perspective of ensuring data protection with personal data and in compliance with the European General Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

Through this Cookie Policy we would like to inform you about:

a). What type of cookies exist on our website

b). As long as they persist in the browser of the visitors of our site

c). What data do these cookies collect

d). What is the final purpose of these cookies (statistics, functionality, etc.)

e). How to refuse the use of cookies and how to change the cookie settings in your browser.


2. What is a Cookie?


A cookie is a small piece of text that websites send to the browser and which is stored on the user's device, such as your computer / laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. These files are used by the website to remember information about user visits, such as language preferences and other options, while helping you set things up for future visits and make the website more useful by customizing its content. Cookies play a very important role in improving the user experience of the website.

A cookie consists of two parts: the name and the content or value of the cookie. This text is passive - does not contain software and malware (computer viruses, spyware, adware, etc.) and cannot access information on the user's hard drive or SSD.

The lifetime of a cookie may vary, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are used for a single session (session cookies) and are no longer retained once the user has left the website, while other cookies are stored and reused each time the user returns to the site. the web (persistent cookies). Cookies do not require personal data in order to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify Internet users.


3. Types of Cookies Used


The website uses the following cookies:

a). Strictly necessary cookies: without them we cannot deliver the content of the website to you. These cookies ensure the basic functionality of the website.

b). Statistical analysis cookies: these cookies are used to collect information about how users interact with our website, about the general behavior of all users, which are to be analyzed to help us make improvements. , and cannot be used to identify individual users.

Category b) contains the following categories of cookies:

- performance cookies

- targeting cookies

- cookies for advertising

- cookies of advertising providers.


Performance cookies: these are cookies that allow us to count visits and traffic sources so that we can improve the performance of our website. These cookies help us find out how many visitors our site has. All information collected by these cookies is anonymous. If you do not allow these cookies, we will not know when you visited our website and we will not be able to monitor the performance of the site. These cookies remember the preferences of the user who accessed our website. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to set them when a user accesses the website again.

Targeting cookies: these are cookies set on our website by our advertising partners. These companies may use cookies to create a profile of your interests and to show you ads on other websites. These cookies do not store personal data directly, as they are based on the unique identification of your browser and internet device. If you block these cookies, you will receive less personalized advertising.

Advertising cookies: these are cookies that we use to target online advertising. We may also use cookies belonging to third parties to better target advertising, for example to show holiday advertisements if the user has recently visited an article on the website about holidays. These cookies are anonymous, they store information about the content viewed and not about the users.


c). Registration cookies: when a user registers on our website, we generate a cookie that tells us whether you are registered or not. Our server uses these cookies to show us the account you are registered with and whether you have permission for a particular service. In addition, it allows us to associate a comment you post on our website with your username. Our website uses the Google Ads Remarketing Tag, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to collect anonymous data, such as the number of visitors to the website and which are the most popular web pages. These cookie modules help us to improve the website.


The Google Analytics Service is used to collect information such as the number of visitors to the website, the profile of the visitors - the IP address of the computer, the operating system used, the type of device from which the website was accessed, the type and version of the browser used, demographic data, if the user reached one of the pages of the SC Z TOUR SRL website by accessing an external link.

For information related to how Google Analytics uses the collected data, we recommend that you access the following web pages:

a). Google privacy policy -

b). Google Analytics Service Practices Regarding Commitment to Protect Data Privacy and Security -

In addition, our website also uses cookies from services such as Facebook, Youtube and Google Maps, to connect to them and provide content to users through them.

Facebook Pixels - These cookie modules can be inserted on our website or can be set by our advertising partners. Cookies can be used by these advertising providers to build a profile based on your interests and to provide you with relevant advertisements on other websites on the Internet. These cookie modules are based on the unique identification of the computer equipment (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) and the browser used by the user to access the website. If the user does not accept these cookies, then less personalized ads will be shown to him.
It is possible that the cookie modules used by Facebook/Meta change periodically, depending on the updates and improvements that Facebook makes to its products.

The cookies provided by Facebook/Meta are created and controlled by Facebook, which has full control over the data collected and how it is used. For information related to the cookie modules that Facebook uses, we recommend that you access the following web page:

Google has set a number of cookies on any page that includes a Google map. Although we have no control over the cookies set by Google, they have the ability to collect data to measure the number and behavior of Google Maps users.


Cookies inserted on our website, which belong to the domain





Cookies inserted on our website, but which do not belong to the domain.





Expiry Term



This is an HTTP cookie that contains a unique ID that Google uses to remind the user of their preferences and other information, such as their preferred language, how many search results they want to display on the page, and whether or not they want the SafeSearch filter to be enabled at Google.


6 months



This cookie is used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates.


17 days



Google Analytics

This type of cookie helps to analyze information about visitors to our website, such as the browser used by users and the number of visitors to the website. This data and information helps to improve the website.


13 months


Facebook cookie modules





Facebook cookies are created when the user was on Facebook and then visited our website. This allows Facebook to personalize posts or ads based on the user's browser behavior. The datr cookie is used to view ads on Facebook.


datr – persistent cookie (2 years) dpr and sb – session cookies




This type of cookie is used to help you choose not to see ads on Facebook based on your activity on third-party websites.

5 years


YouTube can set cookie modules on the user's computer equipment, after he clicks on the YouTube video player. These cookies can identify you personally if you are signed in to a personal Google account.



YouTube cookies
All cookies in this list are HTTP cookies

1). yt-remote-connected-devices (persistent cookie)


2). yt-remote-device-id (persistent cookie)


3). ytidb::LAST_RESULT_ENTRY_KEY (persistent cookie)


4). yt-remote-fast-check-period (session cookie)


5). yt-remote-session-app (session cookie)


6). yt-remote-session-name (session cookie).


The purpose of these cookie modules:
Stores the user's video player preferences using embedded YouTube videos.



Our website also uses local and session storage to save data in the browser.


Local storage on the website of SC Z Tour SRL:


Session storage on the website of SC Z Tour SRL:


4. How can you stop cookies.

The web browser allows users to control/disable cookies. How you do this depends on the type of cookies. To learn more about disabling or deleting cookies from your browser, you can access the following website:

If you want to configure your web browser to refuse cookies, you can use the preferences settings in your browser. For more information about these options, see your browser's help documentation. Depending on the existing web browsers, there are several means to control or disable cookies. To find out more information, we recommend that you visit the websites of your browser.

a). Cookie settings in Internet Explorer:

b). Cookie settings in Google Chrome:

c). Cookie settings in Safari:

d). Cookie settings in Microsoft Edge:

e). Cookie settings in Firefox:

f). Cookie settings in Opera:

SC Z tour SRL reserves the right to make any changes to this Cookie Policy. To keep up to date with the latest additions and changes, please visit this webpage from time to time.


Z-Tour Cookie Consent

To provide you with a better browsing experience, this website uses cookies. These cookies are small files that are used by the website to remember information about your preferences regarding the processing of personal data. By using cookies the website becomes more useful by personalizing its content according to your preferences. For more information, please access the Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy. Continuation implies their acceptance.